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Slowing Down Myopia Progression

Myopia, also referred to as nearsightedness, is a vision condition that makes distant objects appear blurry while close-up objects remain clear.

Around 30% of Americans are affected by myopia. Through comprehensive eye exams, we can help slow the progression of myopia. 

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A Closer Look at Myopia

Myopia can develop slowly or quickly and can worsen from childhood through adolescence. Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long, or the cornea is curved too steeply. As a result, the light that should focus on the retina instead focuses in front of the retina and makes distant objects appear blurry.

Common signs and symptoms of myopia can include: 

  • Blurry vision when looking at distant objects
  • The need to squint frequently to see
  • Excessive blinking
  • Eye strain
  • Frequent headaches

Regular eye exams can help our team stay on top of your child’s unique visual needs and keep developing myopia in check.

Myopia Management at Experts on Sight

At Experts on Sight, our goal is to help your children see clearly and slow the progression of myopia. Our team uses various myopia control methods to help us achieve that goal and provide the vision care your children deserve.

Ortho-K Contact Lenses

Ortho-k contact lenses are an excellent option for most patients with mild to moderate myopia. Our team will conduct a comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting to determine if you’re a good fit.

Ortho-k lenses are designed to reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses. These lenses are inserted at night and removed in the morning, allowing you to see clearly throughout the day.

Multifocal contact lenses and glasses are usually used to help treat presbyopia in older patients. However, they have also been shown to correct myopic vision in children while slowing eye growth simultaneously.

The center portion of the lens corrects myopia, and the outer portion of the lens adds focusing power to bring peripheral light rays into focus in front of the retina.

MiSight 1 day contact lenses are soft contact lenses that are clinically proven to slow the progression of myopia in children between 8 to 12 years old at the beginning of treatment.

MiSight lenses work by slowing the elongation of the eye caused by myopia and are easy to use for age-appropriate children and are available as a daily disposable for convenient usage.

Keeping up with Your Children’s Visual Development

At Experts on Sight, our mission is to allow our patients to see as clearly as possible. Your child’s visual development is crucial, and we strive to provide effective myopia control solutions to help them see clearly.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today and get your children the vision care they deserve.

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