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Dry eyes can cause discomfort and affect your vision when not managed with care. 

At Experts on Sight, we use diagnostic tools to diagnose dry eye syndrome and offer various treatment options to help our patients find relief.

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What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your tears cannot keep your eyes lubricated or when you produce poor-quality tears. This tear instability can lead to inflammation and damage your eye’s surface if not managed properly. 

Your tears are comprised of 3 layers:

  • The oily outer layer
  • The watery middle layer
  • The inner mucus layer

If the glands that produce these elements in your tears become inflamed or are not producing tears properly, dry eye syndrome can occur. This inflammation can also cause meibomian gland dysfunction, which clogs the small glands in your eyelids that produce the oily outer layer of your tears.

Common signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome may include: 

  • Stinging and burning
  • Eye redness and swelling
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eye fatigue

Diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome

At Experts on Sight, our team is familiar with various diagnosis methods to begin the dry eye management process. From the diagnosis stage, our team can determine the best treatment option for you.

The LipiScan Dynamic Meibomian Imager is the first dedicated meibomian gland imager designed to render high-definition images of meibomian gland structure.

The LipiScan is all about efficiency and can quickly provide our team with a detailed image of your eyelid. From there, our team can move ahead with the treatment option that matches your visual needs.

The LipiView Ocular Surface Interferometer allows our team to measure lipid layer thickness and provides detailed meibomian gland imaging.

LipiView features real-time visualizations of the lipid layers with high-definition imaging capabilities, along with video and analysis of blink dynamics. Our team can use LipiView to form a personalized treatment plan that helps manage your dry eyes.

Our team may use the Schirmer’s test if we suspect that your eyes are producing too many or too few tears.

The test involves your doctor placing a special strip of paper gently on your bottom eyelid and instructing you to close your eyes for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, your doctor will remove each strip of paper and measure the amount of moisture on each strip.

Abnormal test results warrant further testing so our team can find the underlying cause of your dry eyes.

Dry Eye Solutions

Following the diagnosis stage, our team at Experts on Sight is familiar with various treatment methods to help find the solution to your dry eye struggles.

Punctal plugs are an excellent option to manage dry eyes when your tears are draining from your eyes too quickly. These tiny devices are placed into your tear ducts to slow down how fast your tears leave the surface of your eyes.

There are 2 types of punctal plugs:

  • Temporary or dissolving—This type of plug is usually made out of collagen and naturally dissolves in a few days or months.
  • Semi-permanent—These plugs are made of medical plastics and designed to stay in your eyes long-term. Your eye doctor can remove these plugs if necessary.

Our team will carefully examine your eyes to determine the best plug type and size for your visual needs.

The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System is designed to address meibomian gland dysfunction. LipiFlow works by safely delivering therapeutic energies to the meibomian glands while protecting the eye’s structures.

LipiFlow can help stimulate the meibomian gland and addresses inflammation and blockage caused by meibomian gland dysfunction.

RESTASIS eye drops are prescription drops that treat the underlying cause of chronic dry eye through inflammation management and increasing your eyes’ ability to produce tears.

Tear production is essential to lubricate your eyes and prevent dry eye disease. Using Restasis twice a day, every day, at least 12 hours apart, can help increase tear production and bring moisture back to your eyes, or per your doctor’s recommendation.

Lacrisert is a prescription lubricant designed to be inserted into the eye to relieve moderate to severe dry eye symptoms.

Lacrisert is a preservative-free, all-day option to help manage the effects of dry eye syndrome. Our team can help determine if Lacrisert is a good option for you.

Meibomian gland expression is a procedure that involves the thermal heating of the glands. This procedure is a natural step in alleviating the effects of meibomian gland dysfunction, which clogs the small glands in your eyelids that produce the oily outer layer of your tears.

During the procedure, your doctor will manually express the upper and lower glands to allow secretions to flow. This process prevents the glands from clogging, which can lead to atrophy.

BlephEx is a procedure that treats inflammation of the eyelids that can contribute to dry eyes.

BlephEx works by cleaning the accumulated bacterial biofilm and plaque along the edge of the eyelids and eyelashes, and the procedure takes around 6 to 8 minutes. Your doctor may use numbing drops before the procedure for your comfort.

Lid/Gland debridement is a treatment method focusing on eyelid management to remove the accumulated bacterial biofilm from the lid margin to help relieve dry eye symptoms.

This treatment method has yielded significant results and can help manage the effects of dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Treatment for Long-Term Relief

At Experts on Sight, we take dry eye syndrome seriously. Our team is well equipped to help diagnose and treat your dry eye symptoms. 

Contact us to book an appointment and get the relief you deserve from dry eye syndrome today.

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